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24 August 2007

coming up in the world

Today I finally made my first pilgrimage to the new Draper IKEA. It was such an emotional experience for me. What a treat to wander the warehouse, kids in school, just me and Crew, looking at every little (and big) thing. No more shopping online. I could actually buy something bigger than a few rolls of wrapping paper, some napkins and a colander if I want to, and- here is the trick- get it all back to my house.
I didn't have to cram my purchases into the car with all my people, all of our luggage and miscellaneous crap that come along on road trips with kids and drive it 12 hours back to Utah.
I actually did buy a smaller Expedit shelf for my fabric in my work room, to go along with the big one I inherited from Steve O (thank you dear), and some bin and drawer inserts that go with it. I could return them or go get more tomorrow if I needed to. Ahhh...what a luxury.
But, I must admit I did feel like an In-n-Out burger when I was done...

1 comment:

steph said...

oh how i love having ikea just down the road! you're right,i feel like i should be on vacation. it is a nice mini vacation though. oh yeah no it's not because last time i was there i had the kids and let me tell you, that was no vacation!


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