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22 August 2007


In the absence of fabric or a sewing machine on this summers trip I found I myself itching to make something. I wanted to keep a journal of the trip, but make it un-boring unlike so many of my previous journaling attempts.
I have never before been a serious journal keeper, I always try for awhile then stop for no good reason other then time constraints, lack of personal motivation, and perhaps the thought that what I have to say is dumb and no one will ever want to read it. My lovely spouse- on the other hand- is a fabulous journal keeper. He has stacks of journals, all filled up with words, drawings, pictures and "driftwood".
Driftwood goes back to a Saturday Night Live reference from the 80's. Does anyone remember John Malkovich's driftwood artist sketch? Very funny...(I think I'll look for it on youtube later)
Anyway... "driftwood" refers to found objects- put into one's journal. It became the catch phrase of the summer. It always made me chuckle it when one of my kids would nonchalantly rip off a corner of some poster we passed, hand it to me and say, "Here you go Mom, some driftwood."
I decided that this trip of a lifetime needed to be documented for the family. Just words are visually a bit boring, so I took a lesson from the master- Steve O and started adding driftwood, drawings, some watercolors, and glitter. What I discovered was a surprisingly pleasant and interesting way to keep a journal. It satisfied all of my creative urges and documented the trip. I didn't get much reading done this summer, but I wrote everyday, went through about 20 glue sticks, and had lots of fun picking up driftwood (a.k.a. trash) all over Europe.
I think I'm hooked on paper now. I have continued the driftwood tradition since I have been home, not everyday- but close. I think it's a habit that is worth acquiring, so- I am going to try and keep at it for know- for posterity.


cassandra said...

Pretty cool Noelle. For me if it is called ia 'journal' it reminds me of something I had to do as a kid, working toward getting my young woman's medallion or something. If it'd called a 'sketchbook''s way more fun.

H said...

Glitter! Mmmm. Several years ago Gabby helped me design & print some paper that I could tolerate writing and gluing on. It is half binder size, 3-ring. I had a hard time keeping a journal too -- or just one, sometimes a book for words, sometimes for art, sometimes for my calendar. I wanted one that would do it all (still doesn't.) When I am out and about there are moments when I can write and I'm always glad to have a few pieces of journal paper, pens, glue and ticket stubs. In theory it winds up in a neat and tidy binder in my studio.

I have a binder for each of the children. Love notes/lunch notes wind up there. They don't realize I've been writing to them for years...small things along the way.

I love the term "driftwood." On the Everyville side of the SF Bay people used to build huge sculptures w/ driftwood... Great things come out of driftwood.


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