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06 February 2007

organizational skills

here are a few aprons I made for christmas presents, before i had my dressform for better picture taking.
it has taken me about a week to put together a batch of 30 purses. thankfully, they will be sewn by my seamstress helper. purses take me forever to design. i have to get everything out, all my fabric (and that's a lot), fringle-frangle (trim and detail stuff), handle hardware and fabric, and the list goes on...i'm ready to move onto the next project.
this month is turning out busier than i'd hoped for. i'm ending up doing household odds and ends all day, and not what i really want to do, like work on my felt project ideas, read the book group book (glass castle), eat treats and nap, or even just blog all day :) it's all good, i can't complain, but organization is the name of the game.
crew, my 2 1/2 year old just took himself to the bathroom, things are looking good.

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