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20 February 2007

ahhh, fresh powder

when you are a busy mom your powder days get fewer and further between. it's not that you don't still love skiing the fresh stuff, you just can't chase it like you used to. sometimes when all the stars line up- you get a lucky break. that break came for me yesterday when i went to work and somehow found myself without a lesson. (on a holiday this is almost unheard of) it had been snowing most of the night and was still snowing, finally. this season has been extremely sparce when it comes to powder days. the privledge of making some turns down that untracked slope covered in knee deep fresh powder became mine. the snow continued to fall and a cloud covered the mountain, but that only added a sneaky feeling to the moment, as i chose my favorite line and dissapeared down through the powder, making tracks next to the last set. i love that fabulous rush of adrenaline you feel when skiing fresh powder, it makes you feel giddy inside and sticks a goofy grin on your face.

1 comment:

steph said...

I'm So glad you had a happy ski day!
Fresh snow is so pretty.


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