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26 February 2007

a late valentine

as we all know in parenting there are some good days, and some not so good. this little note from my daughter maia (6 years old) was left under my pillow last night, it made my whole day. she worked very hard and carefully on this whole valentine, making the bracelet, drawing and writing, and packaging it all together, with just a little-tying things together- help from her dad. it makes me want to do my best by my kids and try and live up to their expectations of me, especially on days when you just want to suck your thumb in the corner. many times i've found myself wondering who put me in charge, what do i know that qualifies me to be a parent? notes like this make it all worth it. i guess i am suceeding in some respects. so thank you maia for the vote of confidence every mother need every now and again. just in case you are not used to reading things spelled phonetically it reads: dear mom, you are the best mom ever. you should have an award and this award represents your happiness.

for some reason all of my children are note writers. When the want to express something they write it down and give it to you in the form of a letter. This goes for santa and the tooth fairy as well. every christmas and every lost tooth is a chance to correspond with these mysterious characters, and hopefully learn a little bit more about them. i'm going to dedicate this week to the letters of the children. every day i'll post one of my favorite letters we have found, borrowed or been left.

1 comment:

steph said...

OK,that is so sweet. Love it when the little biscuts make you so happy. Maia is a cutie. Your new layout looks great!


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