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17 January 2007

one hot birthday date

Steve O took me out for my birthday last night, a couple of days early, and we had a wonderful time. Let me share with pictures and a few words. After leaving the dreamlets with the best ever babysitter Erica, we busted out to SLC. We went to One World Cafe check it out here one world everybody eats It was delicioso, fresh and healthy. The sweet potato quiche was delectable. They had groovy aprons for sale, I love the fabric in the one pictured.
Then, we went to the Live taping of Radio West with Diane Rehm at the Rose Wagner Theater, you can listen to it here on kuer It was very good, but then again Diane Rehm and Doug Febrezio are always good. After that, we rushed on over to paradise bakery in Sugarhouse, to get the extremely delicious sugar cookie. You really can't go wrong with any of their cookies. I also recommend the snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, ginger molasses... mmm mmm good. We rushed and barely made it before they closed at 9. But, it's not always bad to be the last customer served at a bakery, you might get a little something extra:)
So, a big thank you to my fella for the fabulous evening out, you are the best and I love you.


so said...

happy birthday

Bess said...

I am jealous that you got to see/hear Diane and Doug. Is it my imagination or is her voice getting better?

Noelle O said...

Yeah, I think her voice is getting better. You can't deny Diane is the coolest. It always blows my mind to finally see people I hear all of the time. She had some great things to say, listen to it if you can.


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