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11 January 2007

favorite book

This book is random, crazy, and hilarious. So far, I've just thumbed through it, but I came across this passage the other night. It is from a section entitled, "children's games" It's a game called Play Grown-Up; and it goes like this: "Have children simulate spousal abuse by arguing and, as this escalates, slapping each other. Use Tic Tacs to spit out of your mouth as if they were teeth."
The other day Steve O and I were pretend fist fighting while the kids were eating breakfast. Note: this only works because ocassionally "discuss" matters, but we never fight or beat each other up. We were doing all of the fake hitting tricks we know and being silly. The kids thought it was the funniest game they had ever seen...we'll have to add Tic Tacs next time.


SEECOY said...

noelle is awesome! -from chris and jillayne.

ps. you need to send us some of the funny photobooth pictures we took

steph said...

I love Amy Sedaris! This book is the ultimate party guide. I just want to spend the day following her around. So every time I post a comment I have created a new blogger account. I have 3 blog sites now! I keep forgetting which password goes with which name! so there you go. I love your blog.
Luv ya millions!


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