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15 November 2010

what is the world coming to?

Cat and dog strollers...really, what is the world coming to? 
Actually, we we're looking up possible ways to show off our own fluffy cat Pierre around town, without losing him. I  guess we would need the blue one...
 The manufacturer says there is a 27 lb. weight limit. If you pet weighs more than 27 lbs... then perhaps it should be walking...

1 comment:

Jessica said...

My 140 lbs. Lucy Bear (Labernard) would LOVE one of these. Nap and get out at the same time--best of both worlds! But I'm pretty sure if she could fit into it, it would break and there's no way I'm pushing her around town. Then there's the scene of her seeing a squirel or cat and being trapped inside. Lol.


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