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12 November 2010

Oh, the innocence of youth

Right off the bat I'd like to say, I'm not complaining- I love my new house. That being said, I'd like to share some giggles with what we'll call 'building-bloopers-in-house-built-by-a-technical-school". I'm pretty sure the cabinets pictured here were built by said school's cabinetry class, probably in the range of 17-20 year old builders, with some supervision, but perhaps not all the time.

What I'd like to know is with what kind of saw was this crazy cut made with... then backed out of? Hasn't anyone heard of a fence for a table saw?

Here is one of about 8 footings, poured in the wrong place, then cut off and abandoned in the basement floor. Just a few inches away from the load bearing wall (where I presume the proper footings are incased). I love to watch the puzzled looks from sub-contractors (who are helping us finish the basement right now) when they spot this line of mistakes and try and puzzle out what happened.  
Now, I get to chip out an inch or two of wood with a chistle, then grind the concrete down flat, fill in the hole and cover what's left of the wood with some kind of filler/sealer- all so I can lay laminate flooring over the top. A lot easier said than done.

Someone was dreaming about facebook, video games or texting while grouting the shower...

Nobody's perfect, (even old people like myself), but there is nothing wrong with laughing at minor and cosmetic mistakes (hopefully that is the extent of it...gulp). 

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