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21 October 2010

bike thief

I've had a few bikes stolen throughout my lifetime and I feel like I can relate to this ad. Stealing a bike is the bottom of the heap, in my opinion- don't even get Steve O started on the subject...
Although, I do want my bikes back, especially the tandem. Whoever stole it can take a long walk on a short pier, and their passenger too.

1 comment:

Michelle said...


We had a bike stolen from our carport this week. Fortunately the joke was on them. It was a bike with (evidently) great street-appeal, but you could no longer shift and one of the tires was a little bent and the breaks would rub on that section. The bike shop said it wasn't worth trying to fix. The only reason we kept it was the alternative was taking it to the dump which I'm too lazy to do.

NEENER, NEENER, NEENER on the bike thieves!!


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