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12 October 2010

19 wonderful years

Today, we have been married 19 years. I can't believe I'm old enough to say that.
This isn't our engagement picture, but one from the roll of film shot that day. Can you see why we didn't use it? This picture says so much, and is wrong for so many reasons-  First of all- what is with my dress? It used to be one of my favorites, I wore it all of the time- in this picture I could have weighted 200 lbs. or 100 lbs. (OK, maybe not quite 100 lbs.) and no one would ever know. How am I suppose to gauge how I'm doing 19 years later with a fit like that?
Then there are Steve O's ripped jeans, this speaks volumes for family history and fashion buffs alike...
The crazy face? Funny, I've seen Steve O pull many faces since, but I don't think I've ever seen this one again- he sure does love getting his picture taken.
Ahh- good times, these 19 years, I wouldn't change the last 15 for anything (this is his joke, not mine).
Happy Anniversary dear.


Donelle Anderson said...

Happy Anniversary!!! My sis Jenn celebrated 20 years this year...

Bess said...

Happy Anniversary. Ummm, that dress is awesome. And by awesome I mean....I think I owned that same dress in orange.

Millie Hulme said...

Hey Noelle. You looked just like Quinn in that picture. Well congrats.


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