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14 August 2010

dog parade

The Dana Point Marina, an excellent place to get a treat and watch the parade of pampered pups that pass with their doting owners- sometimes in strollers, I mean please people... This big fella caught our eye- how could you miss him? A newfoundland with a lion haircut, pulling a wagon. Even the tip of his tail was left long, like a lions.
To top it all off, the wagon was full of puppies, (chihuahua puppies not newfoundland)... does it get any better than that? And, yes, that is my son- eating his ice cream and petting the puppies (that probably haven't even had their shots yet.)


VaLene Hulme said...

Who can resist puppies? Did they rig up that wagon specially for the dog or did they just attach it randomly to his collar? Very funny haircut.

noelle said...

There was some sort of custom harness system, probably available at a special 'big dog' store.
Plus-sized dog accessories... what will they think of next.


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