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04 November 2009

what I am...

I'll tell you what I'm not.... a very good journal keeper. I just ran into a journal I started in 2007... and never finished. I always have the best of intentions, and I really like looking back at what was written/drawn/glued/cataloged. I suppose it just finding a bit of time here and there and not having any expectations whatsoever. As God my witness, I promise to do better.
Journaling that I admire can be found here.

1 comment:

Donelle Anderson said...

I know the feeling, I have a journal with my Dad and find it is so much harder to physically write in a journal then to type something. I type MUCH faster than I do write and I don't like my handwriting all that much.
This is a very interesting way to document things.
My hubby uses the calendar and writes things of importance on it when he gets a chance, mostly when he surfed and who with. Hehe.


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