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03 November 2009

project 1000

Steve O's project/costume from Call's Halloween party: take 1000 pictures. By the end of the night- 2100 photos were taken on 4 cameras, edited down to 1000. Lots of good images, costumes and fun. Check out 500 pictures here and 500 more here.

View my favorite picture of the night here- remember the SNL skit when Justin Timberlake was a backup dancer for Beyonce's All The Single Ladies?


Donelle Anderson said...

HAHA...I haven't been watching Saturday Night Live in a while, that was pretty funny! Very interesting pictures!

VaLene said...

I was glad to see the video. Those guys were hilarious! The photos were fun to look at. Thanks.

Butlers said...

Hi Noelle,
I can't view the photos for some reason. Steph is my cousin and I love reading your blog. :) You guys have so much fun, it makes me want to come back to Utah for a visit.


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