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14 April 2009

spring break

What we have here is not a springtime miracle (wow for 7000 ft, Torrey sure has a lot of flowers blooming this time of year- hey little dude- great tan!), but alas- it's a stock photo from last summer.
This is how life has been rolling along lately. Hectic. We are in the middle of a fabulous spring break at the G & G's house in Torrey Utah, but I am back home today (3 hr. drive) with Q for a 10 minute orthodontic appointment. Her retainer (she just got the braces off last week) fitting, she says it hurts bad- after only a week without any guidance those darn teeth have already shifted. Good thing we didn't wait any longer to pick up those pesky retainers...
I planned to share some great photos of the good times so far but, my camera, battery charger, USB cable are scattered all over this great state. So, I skip the download, and share a cute picture of last summer (can't wait for this summer...)- and back into the car we go for 3 more hours, to return to vacation mode. Let's hope the children snarf down all their Easter candy quickly so I don't have to resist the temptation any longer than I can handle.
See you next week- have a wonderful week.

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