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24 April 2009

home school and other stuff

This is the scene I came across as I walked past M's room. C and all of his friends had been somehow lured into "school" by the big sister. Each student had his own white board and marker- they stayed attentive for quite awhile, carefully practicing their letters. Just about the cutest, most hilarious thing I've seen all week.
I've been making hair clips for the Beehive Bazaar and listening to NPR all day. (is this twitter or a blog entry?) Anyway, back to work craftin' it up for the upcoming event.
I think these hair clipys turned out very cute, I want to wear them all.


steph said...

OK, I did not know you were making these! So darling, So cute, can't wait to be checking these out and making my purchases!!!

ChelseaKate said...

Those clips are very cute! I really love them! And that home school thing is SO cute!

Milly said...

Those clips must have been hard to make!!! They're super tiny but cute!


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