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21 July 2008

what the world needs now

Nobody knows more about bicycles than Brent Hulme.
Lucky for all of us, after something like 20 years of working tirelessly in the cycling industry (for Gary Fisher and Trek) and dreaming about a shop of his own, Brent has finally done it. Salt Lake City Bicycles is located downtown in a beautiful old building on the corner of 200 East and 200 South, Salt Lake.
Brent knows all that is good and lovely, sparkly and fantastic about bicycles and it shows. I was so happy to see Swobo goods and bikes on the floor- a few of my favorite wool jerseys from over the years are Swobo. I know, I know wool sound pretty crazy in the middle of the summer but come fall you may change your mind and cozy right up.
Whatever your cycling interests may be- Salt Lake City Bicycles has got it covered. Get back in shape, save some gas money, or just toodle around the neighborhood... get out and ride your bike, you'll be a happier, not to mention healthier person because of it.
And what does our world needs now, I mean really need right now??... more bicycles!

Don't miss the grand opening party September 13th. Stay tuned to for more info.


VaLene said...

Aw, shucks. Those sure were some nice words and beautiful photos. Wish I had been there when you stopped in!


lex said...

Oh my gosh I totally want to be there in September that would be awesome. Wish him well for me!

Colett (*-*) said...

Hooray for Brent and Valene, I am sending them all sorts of good luck wishes on this new venture! The store looks so cool, I can't wait to see it in person. I hope they make millions.

H said...

Brent is one of the nicest fellows on the planet... and always looking to add to our collection... (Right now I want a surrey, the pedal kind. Really.) Can't wait to visit SLC for bikes!
Great logo too!


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