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09 July 2008

shock + waterproof

The Olympus Stylus 790 SW- our new camera. I think Steve O had been dying to get his hands on one of these. My old camera was falling apart after too many days spent being knocked around in the bottom of my purse. It was fixable but I got this special present anyway.

It's a good thing the camera is digital because you find yourself snapping shot after shot trying to get it just right... you can always delete later. The picture of the little lady friends cracks me up. Adding a whole new level of silliness to summer fun.

We took little camera to the workout in the morning and 150 pictures later- ended up not getting much of a workout. Quite a tool for stroke improvement (as you can see I need here) it can take underwater videos as well.

Underwater pictures are so funny. I don't generally think about our kids in terms of "Oh, she looks just like her Dad..." or "He has your nose..." But looking through all of the pictures of underwater Steve O underwater and I can see family resemblances. What does that say? I'm not quite sure.

1 comment:

CarrieAnne said...

The pic of Steve-O reminds me of that Nirvana album cover.

He had a suit on right? ;-)


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