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10 November 2007

MB ride

Today was absolutely gorgeous- sunny and about 70 degrees. After pretty much ignoring the great weather all week, today I put aside all of my duties, chores, and sewing that needs doin' and went for a long, super-fun mountain bike ride. We rode up on Mount Nebo around Payson Lakes, about 13 miles in all. I haven't ridden in that area all year, (I think) it was quite a late fall treat. As you can see there were no leaves left, it looked very winterish with the bare trees, no color left. There is nothing like a good ride, especially single track through the mountains, to clear my head and leave me in a peaceful, happy state of mind.
In case you were wondering about my tooth was tooth #30, and it was in some serious distress, almost dead and the beginning to absess (yuck). So, I got a pulpectomy- or something along those lines. I have to go back to my real dentist, get numbed all over again and have a root canal in about a week, yeah! But, today I feel about 1 million times better, and I shant be taking my good health for granted anymore.

1 comment:

lex said...

Glad you feel better. I was thinking if you could go out mountain biking you must be feeling better. Wish I could have been there.


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