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16 November 2007

book group

Last night I hosted book group. We had read Lord of the Flies, a very good re-read, it's been since high school when I read it the first time. It was surprising how much I had forgotten, other parts I still remembered all these years later, but quite different from an adult/parent perspective.
Anyway, as you can see...I got a little crazy with the treats. I went with the theme of the book. Fruit, and lots of it, pig, (pulled pork from Smokehouse...yummm) guacamole, mango salsa and- I had to throw in cupcakes- because if it had been girls on that island don't you think we would have figured out how to bake up a batch of scrumptious treats one way or another!?
We even had a conch on hand, although we didn't bother passing it around to speak, that might be taking it a little too far.
I felt like a Piggy (or the Piggy) after the feast. I lieu of a warm beach on a coral island to lay on, we basked in front of the fire on the couch. Good times- it's always super-fun to relax, eat too much, talk about a book (or not) tell a few stories, and chit-chat with my book group ladies every month.


Bess said...

That looks so hella good!!!

lex said...

SO what book are you all reading in January...I'm in town and the food looks good enough for me to read something ;)!

steph said...

thanks noelle o,delicious treats,good company...what else do you need?


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