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20 May 2011

tiny house week: friday

The grand finale of tiny house week- what our family calls "the troll house". For years we've driven the scenic route through Midway and not Heber on our way to Park City so we could pass by this house- ooh and ahh and speculate on it's history and charm. I still don't know much about it. No trolls or hobbits currently reside within, but they've hired a caretaker who keeps the place looking ship shape. One day my friends, perhaps when Bilbo returns from his journey, I can take over some hot rolls (or whatever hobbits love, I can't remember...) and get a peek inside.


Amy said...

I absolutely adore this house. The first time I saw it a couple years ago, I about died, I want to live there.

so said...

it is my favorite house ever too---the troll house--midway's finest house for sure---that rough pot rock that is everywhere here can look very ugly, this house makes it look brilliant


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