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15 May 2010

Adam & Kristen Rex

What an amazing weekend- my brother Adam married Kristen Haering in Escalante today.

It's not very often that we all get together under one roof, to make and eat wood fired pizza (until it hurts), hike around, cousin party down- what a blast.

The setting- Kristen and Adam did a fabulous job jazzing up the desert setting, next to the Slot Canyons Inn. Everything was beautiful.

One of my favorite pictures of the day- getting silly with the doggie BFF's, Izzy and Roscoe sitting in a tree...

This is what 19 wonderful years of marriage looks like...

I get to go off the grid for a few days now. As "The Chosen One" from our family, Steve O is staying home to take care of the kids. I head out into the desert to hike Coyote Gulch with some Olpins. Backpacking is something I haven't done in a while- I cannot wait to be unplugged for 3 or 4 days.

1 comment:

Donelle Anderson said...

So the colors!!! Looked beautiful!


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