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26 August 2009

1st day of Kindergarten

I can't believe my youngest little fella went to his first day of Kindergarten today. He couldn't have been more excited, he's been waiting to join his peeps at the big school, counting down the days.
He got a ride to school by big sister M on the cargo bike, what could be cooler than that?
I tried not to cry, mostly I was just very veclempt- choking back the tears.
I know this is the most overused phrase ever but it couldn't be more true... they grow up so fast and that's NO exaggeration.
I know it doesn't seem that way when you change your 1000th poopy diaper, smell like spit up or are loopy tired as you rock that sick baby back to sleep at 3 am- but believe me before you know it they will be as tall as you are, acting teenagerish and begging for an itouch.


Colett (*.*) said...

Millie starts tomorrow, waaaaaaaa! I have already cried twice!

VaLene said...

I love how Maia takes him on the cargo bike. That is too cute.

Renee said...

To cute for words...I LOVE the photo montage.


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