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08 June 2009


We rode the Little Red Riding Hood Bicycle Ride on Saturday. I was a little nervous since this is the first century I've ridden in 12 years, the week before the ride I spent sitting on my butt at Lake Powell- not riding and eating too much and I admit to a less than serious training schedule for the last few months. But, I can honestly say- the ride was fabulous. We had a jolly good time riding and snacking all day.
There were about 20 soggy miles as we pulled through Preston Idaho, a seemingly endless headwind no matter which direction we headed, a nail in my tire at about 85 miles- other than that- no troubles.
I swear by the 'magic juice' on long rides like this (or triathalons). The pink 'magic juice' in my bottles (next picture) is some PowerBar endurance drink I found at Sports Authority, when that ran out I drank Gatorade all day and (at least my legs) felt like I could have kept going another 50 miles. My shoulders, neck and butt were done when I finished at 103 miles.
The day was another renewal for my love of cycling. It's such a good, clean, efficient way of getting around and bringing folks together.

Here is my trusty Bridgestone RB-1 I've had for 15 years or so. It just keeps treating me exquisitely year after year.

I donned the fish taco costume for the costume contest before the ride. There weren't many participants at 7:30 am- I think the staggered start times for the different distances all the 2600 lady participants rode may of had something to do with the lack of enthusiasm in the early hours. I think I missed most of the costuming later on in the morning.
I will freely admit I didn't ride 103 miles as a fish taco (that would've really been somethin'). For one thing I couldn't get my helmet under the fish head and another thing- who likes a soggy fish taco??


VaLene said...

The fish taco looks so cute on the bike! If I didn't know about the visibility issue, I'd think it was created it for the bike. Thanks for the great time and especially for pulling me through those last 20 miles or so! We'll do it again next year. How can I resist unlimited Oreos and Red Vines?

Hailey said...

B R A V O ! ! ! I saw a poster for LRRH and thought of you.
That looks like soooo much fun! I agree about bikes. Why isn't everyone on one?
Could the fish head be the helmet? Could an embellished white helmet be a dollop of sour cream? Fish riding 100+ miles must be something for the Guinness Book of World Records.
Bravo, again!


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