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29 May 2009

last day of school

Today was crazy hair day at our house. Last day of 7th grade for this gal, we put super tiny curlers in her wet hair overnight, there were a few looser curls here and there so we swept it up into this fancy up-do. Darling, we need to curl it more often.

We had some good times working on this hair-do. Last year we tried the 'faux hawk' and didn't shave the sides but spiked the middle- this year we went all the way. I wasn't prepared enough to have some great funky bottle of pink hair color (the color he wanted to make it) handy, so we had to settle with what we could find at the local grocery store- blue/black..
I say- a mohawk on the last day of 5th grade?- why wouldn't ya?

This 3rd grade graduate really wanted blue/black hair as well, but I tried to explained the maintainance issue one would face in a few weeks, and subsequent months (a gal her age in our neighborhood has been suffering through these issues for about a year now), and with that visual I think she got the picture. She settled for some curls. Really- and how could a mother cover up that coveted hair color?

This little man got a buzz cut too, a little after this picture was taken. Here he is enjoying some Hawaiian Punch with his goo goo goggles straw I got him in Portland. He keeps reminding me he wanted a toy, and these glasses are not a toy. Oh well, whata ya do?


Donelle, Jammer and Tre Anderson said...

What a good looking bunch of kids you have!! They are growing so much...that mohawk is crazy! Can't believe how long it is...

Precia said...

Last day of school or Prom for Quinn. What a little beauty!


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